"Won't somebody please think of the miners!"

At the launch the platform will be usefull principally for the coins stakers and for the masternode owners, but don't worry we are already thinking of the miners. Our first big improvement would be to met their necessity and after a period of negotiation with the pools, voted by the community, we will integrate the miners statistic in your personal section. Once the testing period ends and the service will be reputated valid and used by users other pool will be listed for a small price.

Miners Integration

Local Application

"An app to rule them all"

We want to create a standalone application that will be executed on your end terminal. This direct link to your wallet will allow you to extend your possibilities of interaction with your coins and have the full control wherever you are. All the commands will be executed in a secure and private end-to-end tunnel. All this to grant you the best service of remote wallet control keeping the private keys aways from thirds and your coins in your machine. The application will be released in a multi-platform compiled version for everyone but also the source will be available in our public repository to prevent scam suspects.

We want to be as clear as possible: our main goals are the semplicity and the security.

Remember that a great project needs a strong community so don't esitate to contact us, and join us on the social