All about CoinsHoarder

We wanted to provide a good service to all those people who have a multi crypto wallet and wanted to manage all fastly and easily.
You can find a complete list of the coins here. Our basic plan is free so you can contact us and we will list your preferred coin in the platform as soon as our employed chimps can do. Of course if you want to use all functionalities of the platform you can always list it for the full membership program
To list a cryptocurrency and get access to the full membership program you have two option: you can compile the module to insert it in the voting system and partecipate in the weekly vote. At the end of the round the winner coin will be listed immediately!! Moreover the balance of the deposit address of the winner coin will go entirely to the voter with the most weight in the referral program. Otherwise you can list immediately a cryptocurrency paying a small fee. Watch here for more informations about the membership options
Obtain full support for the coin listed and unlock all functionalities of the platform:
  • Active running node managed by us
  • Wallet tracked transactions
  • Automated notification services (Mail/Discord/Telegram)
  • Full market overview
  • Full Masternode control
  • Future implementation of pow control
  • Advertisement through our platform

Vote & referral

Our intent is to choose the most strong community in the round up so the referral program is structured to calculate for every voter a chain of votes and assign a weight for each sub-voter of the chain of referral that voted the same coin as the first one. You can find a clarifying interactive schema in the page of vote
There will ba a round of votation each week with three coins. If you are registrated on the website you can submit your vote with a single click in the dedicated vote section
Don't worry we will take care of you and publically announce you as winner with all the glory that you deserve! Also we will contact you to get the addresses for the prize.

Contact us